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Korean shikhye (식혜) is a traditional Korean rice beverage that is mildly sweet and flavored with malt. It is a popular drink in Korean cuisine and is often enjoyed as a refreshing and slightly sweet beverage, especially during festive occasions and traditional celebrations.

3456tea makes shikhye in-house following authentic 16 hour recipe. 12 hours of which are fermentation process, bringing the most traditional flavor with digestive benefits directly to you, as fresh as possible.



natural benefits

rich in nutrients

Shikhye contains essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It's made from rice, which provides carbohydrates for energy, and it also contains beneficial enzymes due to the fermentation process. These enzymes can aid in digestion and promote gut health


As a drink, shikhye helps in hydration. It's often consumed during hot weather or after a meal to aid digestion. The combination of its sweet taste and liquid content makes it a refreshing choice to quench thirst and replenish fluids.

probiotic properties

Shikhye is fermented, which means it contains beneficial bacteria. These probiotics can support a healthy balance of gut flora, potentially aiding digestion and boosting the immune system. However, the extent of probiotic benefits might vary depending on the fermentation process and individual factors.

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